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Reinforcement AccessoriesReinforcement accessories include reinforcement spacers, fixing aids, concrete moisture barriers (builders film), concrete formwork products, concrete expansion jointing, builders and concretors hardware, coupling systems and slab joints systems. 

All the reinforcement accessories you need to do your job professionally can be found in the materials mall at

Everything you need can be supplied with your reinforcement mesh and reinforcement bar. All reinforcement accessories can be quantified and included in your free quote taken from your structural engineering reinforcement plans - simply contact the staff at for further advice and assistance.



Reinforcement accessories available:


  • Reinforcement Bar Chairs - Used to support reinforcement bars at determined heights in a concrete slab
  • Key Joints - used to allow a continuous pour of two slabs that are side by side and prevent vertical movement
  • Tie Wire - to secure reinforcement bars in place until the concrete is poured
  • Expansion Joints - embedded in or around concrete slabs to allow for slab expansion and contraction
  • Plastic Film - laid below a slab on ground to create a waterproof barrier for the concrete slab
  • Dowel Caps - used to allow the reinforcement dowel bars to be able to slide freely on one end
  • Bondek type formworks - Steel decking reinforcement formwork systems



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