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Reinforced concrete is a strong, durable material that can be formed into elements of any shape and size. Structures ranging from simple rectangular beams and columns to complicated forms such as the sails of Sydney’s famous Opera House can be easily made out of concrete, all built with steel reinforcement. 
It's versatility combines the best features of both concrete and steel when laying a concrete slab.


 What are the benefits of steel reinforcement in concrete slabs?:


  • Steel reinforcement controls crack widths
  • Helps maintain aggregate interlock. 
  • Steel reinforcement can keep a concrete slab in a serviceable condition.
  • Displacement and slab curl is minimised when steel reinforcement is used.

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Reinforcement mesh and bar is supplied in many forms, specified to suit your particular needs. Simply supply  your structural plans for an obligation free quote on all your reinforcement needs. 


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Reinforcement can be supplied at heavily discounted prices due to the internet enabling automation
of the whole process ensuring you better than trade prices.


 Reinforcement Mesh

Reinforcing MeshReinforcement Mesh - also known as reinforcement fabric, comes in many sizes and also comes in many bar thicknesses     ....more

  Reinforcement Bar

reinforcement bar

Reinforcement Bar, like the reinforcement mesh is supplied in a wide variety of thicknesses to better suit your  specific job    ...more


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